Life of a Booknerd (Why I Love Reading)

Let me tell you a little something about me. I am always reading a book. There is never a time when I don’t at least have a book I’m reading or about to read. Sometimes I get asked why I love to read so much. Some people just don’t understand why I find joy in reading book after book. So let me tell you why I love it so much.

Reading takes me into a whole other world. Diving into a book enables me to forget about my little world for a little while and jump into someone else’s shoes. When I read I am completely zoned into what I’m reading. Sometimes after tests at school, we have a little time to chill while everyone finishes. Well I always bring a book to read in my spare time so after I take a test I’ll just read. When we go back to doing something in class, I just feel so disorientated. I feel like everyone around me should feel what I feel, but they’re still just sitting there unaffected.

Also, I’ve realized that reading can really help you expand your vocabulary, and just your knowledge all around, especially when you read a variety of things. I try to read a mystery one week, a love story the next, and then maybe a classic. I have to have variation, and the great thing is, you will never run out of things to read.

So if your a “booknerd” like me, I commend you! If you don’t really read, give it a try. You might really enjoy it.