Life of a Booknerd (Why I Love Reading)

Let me tell you a little something about me. I am always reading a book. There is never a time when I don’t at least have a book I’m reading or about to read. Sometimes I get asked why I love to read so much. Some people just don’t understand why I find joy in reading book after book. So let me tell you why I love it so much.

Reading takes me into a whole other world. Diving into a book enables me to forget about my little world for a little while and jump into someone else’s shoes. When I read I am completely zoned into what I’m reading. Sometimes after tests at school, we have a little time to chill while everyone finishes. Well I always bring a book to read in my spare time so after I take a test I’ll just read. When we go back to doing something in class, I just feel so disorientated. I feel like everyone around me should feel what I feel, but they’re still just sitting there unaffected.

Also, I’ve realized that reading can really help you expand your vocabulary, and just your knowledge all around, especially when you read a variety of things. I try to read a mystery one week, a love story the next, and then maybe a classic. I have to have variation, and the great thing is, you will never run out of things to read.

So if your a “booknerd” like me, I commend you! If you don’t really read, give it a try. You might really enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “Life of a Booknerd (Why I Love Reading)

  1. I am the same exact way. I am constantly reading books and people constantly ask me, “Why do you always read?”. Well, it brings me on adventures that i can only fantasize of going on, it makes me feel emotions that I cannot gain from my somewhat average life.


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    Fellow booknerd feeling the same here. I love to read, it is a way to escape into a new world! The best books are the ones that leave you devastated for months when you’ve finished it, because its over and you don’t know what to do with yourself next. Until you find another great story to dive into!

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